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High end web applications development and web app sales, Customized software development services, Major customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

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Welcome to Technical Bazaar, where we specialize in the development of high-end web applications and the sale of web apps that cater specifically to your business needs. Our expertise extends to customized software development services, ensuring that your unique requirements are met with precision and innovation.

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  • High end web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Web app sales
  • Custom Software Development
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Training
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CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a strategy for managing interactions with customers. It involves using data to improve relationships, increase customer retention, and drive sales growth through personalized approaches.


An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system integrates core business processes into a unified system, improving efficiency, data accuracy, and decision-making by centralizing information across departments like finance, HR, and supply chain.

Web & Mobile apps

Web and mobile application development involves creating software applications for web browsers and mobile devices, respectively, using programming languages, frameworks, and tools to deliver user-friendly, functional, and responsive digital experiences.

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