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Hedging the position simply and not taking too many combinations is the best part of this Service, Eventually after making too many combinations and Spreads around, when it actually comes to calculate the P/l at the end of the year it turns negative. Just because of the over combinations taken, technical bazaar puts our best exclusive analysts to make the optimized and the best of hedges before initiating a trade.

These Options are best used in trading for longer time spreads such as current and near month, or Different Strike rates of multiple time frames, Each and Every Trade is closely monitored tested and then Delivered.

  • Positional Stock options are generated with Multiple Combinations of Strategies, open interest etc and then delivered
  • Expected returns are enormous with a minimum risk reward ratio of 1:3 and above
  • Targets and Stop loss would be given accordingly
  • Complete follow ups with up gradation of Stop loss
  • Risk Reward ratio 1:2/3
  • Calls would be given on Sms, yahoo messenger, and on Website Simultaneously
  • Long and Short calls would be generated
  • Performance of Profit loss given after each call completion
  • All calls in Active options only

Due to market gap or gap down in holding the options it is likely sometimes if the targets are met above expectations and stop loss are triggered below the said price.

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