Positional Stock Futures

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The most monetarily profitable service from all other services.Positionally holding over futures is a profitable if the risk management is taken care .There are instances and tendencies of the traders to carry over only negative positions and booking profit in Intraday in the positive positions, Technical bazaar cannot change the human psychology, technical bazaar hereby looks into it that the positional futures are met up with Some Expectations above the Said targets.

This Service has its own benefits, it is actually for traders who believe in getting the fruit ripe and then eat .which means it wants maximum benefit out of the trade and is monetarily patient to hold on the futures contracts

  • 2-3 calls per day during market hours for Positional trade
  • Complete Follow Ups till the Full profit is booked with up gradation of Stop loss
  • Risk Reward ratio 1:3
  • Calls would be given on Sms, yahoo messenger, and on Website Simultaneously
  • Long and Short calls would be generated
  • Performance of Profit loss given after each call completion

The recommendations are taken care of in respect to their lot sizes .At a given point of time technical bazaar does not recommend 3 big lot sized position to carry.