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  1. Payment policy

    1. The Company is monetarily in charge of the customer’s account adjust in a specific minute.

    2. Organization's budgetary obligation begins with the main record about client's assets store and proceeds up to the full withdrawal of the assets.

    3. The customer has the privilege to request from the Company any measure of assets which is accessible in his record at the season of the enquiry.

    4. The main authority techniques for stores/withdrawals are the strategies which show up at the organization's legitimate site. The customer is going out on a limb identified with the use of the installment strategies, this with regards to the way that the installment techniques are not organization's accomplices and not in organization's duty. The organization isn't in charge of any postponement or cancelation of assets exchange which was brought about by the installment strategy. On the off chance that that the customer has any cases identified with any of the installment techniques, it's in his obligation to contact the support of the specific installment strategy and to inform the organization about those cases.

    5. The Company might not be in charge of the exercises of any outsider specialist organizations, which the costumer may use keeping in mind the end goal to make any store/withdrawal. The Company's budgetary obligation regarding the Client's assets begins right now the assets touch base to the Company's ledger or some other record identified with the Company and that shows up at Payment Methods page of the site. On the off chance that any extortion shows up amid the money related exchange or after it, the Company claims all authority to wipe out the exchange and to solidify the Client's record.

      The Company's duty with regards to the Client's assets closes at the time the assets leave the Company's financial balance or whatever other record identified with the Company and that shows up at Payment Methods page of the site

    6. If there should arise an occurrence of any specialized slip-ups which may show up at the season of monetary exchange the organization spares the privilege to scratch off those exchange and every single other customer money related movement at the organization's site.

  2. Client’s registration

    1. Customer's enlistment depends on two primary strides:

      • Client’s web registration.
      • Client’s identity verification.

      In order to complete the first step the client must:

      • Provide the company his real identity and contact details.
      • To accept company’s contract and his applications.

    2. Keeping in mind the end goal to finish the second step the organization must request and the customer must:

      • Give full duplicate of your ID card with photograph and individual subtle elements.

      The organization claims all authority to request from the customer different reports, for sexample, installment charges, bank affirmation, bank card checks or whatever other record that might be important amid the distinguishing proof process.

    3. The distinguishing proof process ought to be finished in 10 business days since company`s demand to recognize the customer. Now and again the organization may build the distinguishing proof process up to 30 working days.

    4. Storing Procedure

    5. With a specific end goal to make a store the customer needs to make an enquiry from his "own bureau". So as to finish the enquiry the customer needs to pick any of the installment strategies from the rundown, fill all the vital points of interest and to proceed to the installment page.

      Preparing time of the enquiry relies on upon the installment strategy and may shift starting with one technique then onto the next, the organization can't direct the handling time. If there should arise an occurrence of utilizing electronic installment techniques the exchange time can change from seconds to days. In the event of utilizing direct bank wire the exchange time can be up to 45 business days.

    6. Taxes

    7. The organization is not a duty specialist and subsequently might not give customers' money related data to any outsiders. This data might not be revealed unless formally asked for by government experts.

    8. A single Click Payments

    9. You consent to pay for all products and additionally benefits or other extra administrations you requested through the Website, and in addition for any extra costs (if essential), including, however not restricted, all conceivable expenses, charges, and so forth. You assume full liability for auspicious installments for Website. Installment specialist organization just encourages an installment for the sum shown by the Website, and it is not in charge of paying by client of the Website the previously mentioned extra finances/costs. In the wake of tapping the "Pay" catch the exchange is permanently regarded to be prepared and executed. In the wake of tapping the "Pay" catch you concur that you won't be qualified to drop the installment or demand to wipe out it. By putting in the request on the Website, you affirm and express that you don't damage enactment of any nation. Likewise, by tolerating these Rules (and additionally Terms and Conditions), you, as cardholder, affirm that you are qualified for utilize Services offered by means of the Website. On the off chance that you utilize Website's administrations, offering such particular administrations as gaming administrations, you make legitimately restricting assertion that you have come to or outperformed the lawful age, which is considered all things considered by your ward keeping in mind the end goal to utilize Services given by the Website. By beginning to utilize the Website's Services you assume legitimate liability for not damaging the enactment of any nation where this Service is being utilized, and affirm that the installment specialist co-op is not in charge of any such unlawful or unapproved infringement. By consenting to utilize the Website's Services, you comprehend and acknowledge that preparing of any of your installments are executed by the installment specialist organization, and there is no statutory right of denial of as of now bought products and additionally benefits or some other chances to wipe out the installment. In the event that you wish to reject to utilize Services for your next buys of products as well as administrations or different offices on the Website, you can do that by utilizing your Personal record/profile on the Website.Payment specialist organization is not in charge of any inability to prepare the information identified with your installment card, or for the issuing bank's refusal to give approval of the installment with your installment card. Installment specialist co-op is not in charge of the quality, amount, value, terms or states of any products as well as administrations or different offices offered to you or acquired by you from the Website by utilizing your installment card. When you pay for any of the Website's merchandise or potentially benefits, you are basically bound by the Website expressions and conditions. It would be ideal if you take note of that lone you, as the cardholder, are in charge of paying for all products or potentially benefits you have requested through the Website and for any extra costs/expenses that can be connected to this installment. Installment specialist organization acts just as the agent of the installment in the sum expressed by the Website, and it is not in charge of estimating, aggregate costs or potentially add up to entireties. On the off chance that there is a circumstance when you don't concur with the previously mentioned terms and conditions and additionally different reasons, we request that you not continue with the installment, and, if essential, contact straightforwardly the overseer/support of the Website.