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An offer price inside the market. At this charge you can purchase the assets.

At-The-Money (ATM)

A completely unique scenario while the option expiration degree equals to the strike rate, in different words the belongings have become neither extra nor much less highly-priced. In this case the dealer returns his investment in complete.

Bid /Offered

A bid fee in the market. At this charge you can sell the property.

Call Option

A binary alternative bringing an income if the asset charged will increase. A profit is paid to the dealer while the expiration degree is better than the strike fee.

In-The-Money (ITM)

A profitable deal. At the Yogine Services Ltd platform the dealer can earn as 95% per deal.


An unprofitable deal. The Yogine Services Ltd platform allowed the trader went back as much as 45% of his investment if a deal is unprofitable.

Put Option

A binary option bringing an earnings if the asset price decreases. A profit is paid to the dealer while the strike degree is better than the expiration level.


A graphic presentation of the asset rate modifications for a defined period of time frame which we call a bar chart.

Binary Options

A financial instrument with a determined profit and length. The powerful tool which is also available to be had to many investors.


an advantage is real cash which Yogine Services Ltdtransfers onto your account as extra finances in your deposit.


The bulls are the traders waiting for the asset price rise. They buy the assets to sell them at a higher price in the future.

Bull Market

The market where we can see the cost increment. The bulls are the key players in the positively trending market. As they assume this term was taken in light of the fact that the rising outline reminds the bull horns raised up.

Currency Pair /cash pair

An exchanging instrument to exchange the forex advertised.


On the Yogine Services Ltd platform the trader receives up to 45% of the investment amount even in a case of the unprofitable deal. The arrival sum is set when you purchase an alternative.


A strength of the asset priced swing for a precise time interval. The extra changeable the asset price is the higher volatility are.

Expiration Time

Its miles the time of closing the option role; or the moment whilst the person receives a charge in accordance with fulfillment of the deal. The expiration time is set while we buy an alternative and can last 30 seconds or some mins.


A balance of a trader’s account. The trader can use these funds to open a deal.


A diversification is the technique of lowering dangers by means of simultaneous trading with a few exclusive weakly related properties.


An amount to be paid to the trader in a case of the hit deal. For a call option the price should boom and for a positioned choice it need to lower. At the Yogine Services Ltd platform the trader makes up to 95% of his investment of one a success deal. An arrival sum is set when you purchase a choice.


The instrument which permits you to decide a chart course. it is a chart option understanding a specific digital technique. The signs assist traders to make a proper buying and selling selection.

Corridor /Hall

Part of the chart in which the asset price changes. The lower certain of the corridor are an aid stage and the upper certain are a resistance level.


A reverse of the fee path of delay after the trend.

Correlation /Connection

A correlation is an interrelation between the moves of two properties. It indicates the relationship between the rate adjustments and is measured from -1 to +1. The correlation coefficient +zero.8 suggests the fee adjustments in a single route. as an instance, allow us to review the forex pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD. If one pair will increase the second one pair will maximum likelihood increment as well.


The asset liquidity shows how fast it may be sold or bought. The greater offers with this asset the better its liquidity is.

Support Line

A rate level below the current charge. The bulls do no longer let the asset price lower underneath this level. In keeping with the trend energy the support stages may be robust and vulnerable.

Resistance Line

A charge stage above the modern-day rate. At this degree the rate is controlled via the bears that do no longer permit the further upward push of the asset.

Trend Line

At the ascending trend the trend line is constructed on the nearby minimums and is a support line. At the descending fashion it's far constructed on the local maximums and is a resistance line.


Bears are the buyers earning on the rate discount.

Bear Market

The market wherein we will see the asset charge drop. on this market the principle tendencies are downward directed. As they assume this time period was taken as a descending chart reminds the legs of the attacking undergo.

Bear Raid

A coordinated try of a few bears to reduce the asset rates with the aid of its lively sale.

Traders’ Sentiment/ buyers’ Sentiment

A buying and selling device displaying the direction of the other buyers’ deals on Yogine Services Ltd platform.
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